Donate Now | Rodriguez Family Needs Our Help During COVID-19!

Hello friends! I hope this finds you all safe and healthy!

This is not an easy request given the times we are in…but every $1 helps….

From Habitat for Humanity of Weber and Davis Counties in Northern Utah:

If you are in a safe home during this quarantine, please count your blessings for little things that give you small comforts. Running water, no mold, heat…a safe place.


Sit for a second and imagine NOT having that safe place during this crazy time. Does it make you uneasy?

This is a $1 per person request for one of those families who are not in a safe place. They have put in 100s of hours of work on building their own Habitat home, but now have been shut down due to COVID-19.

Each Habitat affiliate stands alone in their respective communities, and are NOT given monetary help by International HQ. We are on our own, so this family could be out of a safe place to live for yet another 6 months to a year without a little help from the world.

For anyone who cares about families in need and college students learning a trade (see below), this is a way to help, just $1 at a time.

If you do not contribute here, PLEASE check with your local Habitat affiliate in your area and see if THEY need a few extra $$’s for a build they might have going on! 



As the new Executive Director for Habitat for Humanity of Weber and Davis Counties, I would like to extend this request for a little bit of help for this build that has effectively been stopped by COVID-19, as we cannot have our typical volunteer groups on-site, donations of build materials have stopped so we need to purchase them, and will need to hire contractors to finish.

Build site: 2916 Grant, Ogden UT

We have created a very easy way to help a family while creating future opportunities for the Ogden-Weber Tech College (OWTC) Youth Build program where students get hands-on experience. Currently, students are barred from the build-site for safety reasons during COVID restrictions.

Once this home is done, and school resumes, OWTC students can work on the NEXT home build. We need to finish this one to be ready for these students in the fall!

If you can donate, AWESOME!

If you can volunteer solo or in groups of 3 – 4, AWESOME!

email: if you can help on site.



Continuing to live in a home that is partially sinking, has mold, very little heat, no a/c and a landlord who allows the water to get turned off because he doesn’t want to pay the bill, The Rodriquez family (Mom, Dad, 3 kids) has been patiently waiting for over 2 years, with enormous amounts of gratitude, to get into their new Habitat home.

This is a collective project: Weber State University (home design), OWTC (many materials AND Youth Build, where students go to class and then build part of the home they are learning about!), the Davis Tech College (DATC) for plumbing, plus our Habitat for Humanity volunteers and staff and many more.

Dedication of this home was planned for end of April, to get the Rodriguez family out of their current living conditions.

…and then, COVID-19

Remember, ANY amount or time donated helps.

Thank you in advance!

P.s.If you are in Utah: You get a free ticket to our (TBD date- awesome – with many prizes and silent auction) Casino Night, for every $100 donated! 

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