Parade of Gingerbread Homes

Hosted by Habitat for Humanity of Weber and Davis Counties

Ogden, UT (December 06, 2018) — Habitat for Humanity of Weber and Davis Counties (HabitatWD) is hosting a Parade of Gingerbread Homes fundraiser event in sponsorship with Young Hyundai of Ogden, Utah.

Join HabitatWD as they decorate gingerbread houses for the Parade of Gingerbread Homes event on December 8th. The general public may purchase a gingerbread house kit for $15 and decorate it however they like at the Young Hyundai, located at 3333 Wall Avenue in Ogden. There will be an assortment of candy and other materials for the gingerbread house kits to make it one-of-a-kind.

Afterwards, the local affiliate will display the decorated gingerbread homes at the Habitat Ogden ReStore December 10th thru December 15th. Voting will take place that week and the winner of the best-decorate-gingerbread house will be announced December 18th and win a prize. All those participating in this event can pre-pay and pre-register or pay at the door on December 8th. The general public can register and pay online at

HabitatWD is grateful to all those who have donated a gingerbread house for this event. HabitatWD is appreciative to Young Hyundai for being the hosts of the Parade of Gingerbread Homes decoration event on December 8th. Participants can come in any time during 10 AM to 4 PM to decorate at their location. They will have to check-in at the front so that they are given their pre-paid gingerbread house kit. Those who have not paid beforehand online may also pay at the door if there are gingerbread house kits available.

The reason for this Christmas-themed event is that HabitatWD is raising funds for a single mother with six children and their new Habitat Home. Habitat Homes are built for local low-income families who show that they need a safe home, in addition to showing that they are willing to partner with HabitatWD and the community. The newest Habitat Home is being built on 450 15th Street in Ogden, Utah. Aurora Guzman, the single mother of six, is extremely grateful for HabitatWD and community members who support her and her family.

Habitat Homes are not given out for free. The Guzman family will put in 500 “sweat equity” hours, volunteering at many different events as well as at the local Habitat Ogden ReStore. In addition to this, the Guzman family will pay a 0% interest mortgage after receiving their Habitat Home.

“One thing that I hope the public understands is that these families are hard-working and will be paying for their Habitat Home. It is a hand-up not a hand-out to receive a Habitat Home. We hope that the community will come together to make a difference for a family in need,” states Marketing Director of HabitatWD.

It is with the community’s help that these families are able to have a safe roof over their head in addition to becoming new homeowners with reasonable and affordable monthly payments. HabitatWD strives to create “a world where everyone has a decent place to live”, especially around the holiday season.

To read more about the Guzman family’s current condition and why they were selected as the next Habitat partner family, please visit To donate towards the Guzman family and their new Habitat Home, please visit

HabitatWD hopes to spread the Christmas cheer and that the general public will come together for the Parade of Gingerbread Homes event on December 8th from 10 AM to 4 PM at the Young Hyundai in Ogden, Utah. You can pre-register and pre-pay online at or It is open to the general public and they may come and pay at the door at the Young Hyundai on December 8th. It is first-come-first-serve and the gingerbread house kits are limited.

Habitat for Humanity of Weber and Davis Counties is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. Their vision is to create “a world where everyone has a decent place to live.” This organization helps build and repair homes for those in need living in Weber and Davis Counties. They are currently raising funds for the Guzman family, a single mother and her 6 children. For more information, please visit the website at

The Habitat Ogden ReStore is a nonprofit home improvement thrift store and donation center. They sell gently-used and brand-new items at a fraction of the original cost. Proceeds go towards building and repairing homes for families in need who are living in Weber and Davis Counties. To learn more about the Ogden ReStore, please visit Anyone can shop, donate, and volunteer at the Habitat nonprofit store.

Maria Rague, Marketing Director

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